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It´s time to wake up

LULU´s mission is to help
women get back to their roots.
LULU empowers women to be who they really are
and not who the world thinks they should be.

LULU is a universal concept.
It is a brand aimed at millions of women
with their LULU deep inside fearing
to accomplish themselves
emotionally and professionally

What about if you had the opportunity
to live surrounded by something
that makes you feel unique?

Discover the essence that will create
an explosion of feelings and memories.

Dare to be yourself,
because there is nothing more precious
than to be authentic.

LULU can turn innocence into playfulness, tenderness into wild elegance,
embarrassment into boldness…

The soul of all women is wild, and LULU is the one demonstrating
that the way is always forward; upwards.
Her personality has to evolve, its only hers, No one dictates her. SHE LEADS.

LULU is a feeling. LULU is a concept that englobes everythin.

Our team

The team behind the brand works really hard and carefully to ensure the whole process,
from design to distribution, is honest and aligned with its philosophy


LULU´s operations are centralized in Valencia, Spain and are characterized by a highly integrated process along the value chain: design, manufacturing, logistics and sales.


- LULU reinforces her convictions, she goes beyond what is imposed and she shows her most authentic side.

- She is not someone specific, she is rather a whole, a feeling.

- It is a dream come true. A reality which invites her to discover an enhanced version of herself and to close her eyes to free up her intuition, her best ally.

- We invite every single woman to take control and break with everything that ties her in. We invite them to live each day with more passion than the previous one and to become who they have always dreamt of.

- LULU is the woman she wants to be. She is the one creating those moment together with us, moments that will remains forever in her mind.


Each garment tells a story and each detail hides a secret. This is the key to our success: to design every single garment meticulously, with special care and with a 100% Spanish artisanal production.

We believe in a responsible, honest, coherent and transparent industry always prioritizing and respecting people and natural resources. #MADEINSPAIN